SCM Bulletin - Mountain Art Center, Art Camp

Newspaper, Santa Cruz Mountain Bulletin, “Mountains Art Center – Art Camp”, Boulder Creek CA, Volume 3, Issue 8, Art & Music page 15, author & photographer

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In addition to my book review article I had two articles in the art section of the paper. The Mountain Art Center is an amazing local resource for all artist, and in particular young budding artists.

This week Mountains Art Center wrapped up their final session of Art Camp. This was the eighth year they have done an art camp and this year it was split up into 4 sessions, each session being 1 week long. For children ages six to twelve art camp was Monday through Friday with one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. Tweens and teens had their own class in the late afternoons. This allowed for each age group to get the attention they needed, while allowing for maximum learning. Each week of classes had space for 14 children and most classes were full.

Each session had a theme and was executed by eight teachers, giving the kids a diverse palette of inspiration and instruction styles. They worked with many different materials such as beads, clay, metal, and paints. For the younger children the first session started off with the theme Wild Woods, session two was Machine Madness, three was Sun Time Fun Time, and the final session was Animal Friends. The themes for the teens was Clay for Teens, Robotics I & II, Manipulating Metal, and ending with Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel.

The results have been excellent and the goal of encouraging artistic expression and growth has been achieved. The children came away with a feeling of excitement and inquisitiveness about the artistic possibilities. The center is doing a wonderful job of teaching and inspiring the next generation of artist. Next summer, consider this summer camp program for your budding artist and see how the art center can help them grow and flourish!