SCM Bulletin - Mountain Art Center, Mellow Yellow

Newspaper, Santa Cruz Mountain Bulletin, “Mountains Art Center – Mellow Yellow”, Boulder Creek CA, Volume 3, Issue 8, Art & Music page 15, author & photographer

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This was my second article about the Mountain Art Center regarding their current show. One of my images made it into the paper, but do to the restraints of printed media the rest did not. Luckily though blogs don't have this same restricts so I am able to include more images. To find out who did which artwork please read below.

Mellow Yellow at the Mountain Art Center is starting it’s second month on display and if you haven’t checked it out yet you really need to. The show opened on July 16th and it will be closing September 27th. It features 20 local artists and a wide range of mediums; including mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, wood, photography, as well as paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor.

Now don’t be deceived by the show’s name, these pieces of art are anything but Mellow or boring. The backroom of the gallery, with it’s deep yellow accent wall and vibrant pieces of art, is dynamic and exciting. By contrast, the front main room of the gallery has a much more calm and relaxing feel to it with neutral white walls and softer almost pastel like colors in the artwork. This room may feel calm and relaxing, but the art it displays is quite thought provoking.

Many of the pieces have layers of meaning and discovery. A great example of this is a painting by Tina Masciocchi called Tree of Life. The background colors are calm and soothing with blue on the top and yellow on the bottom. The main element is a tree which gives an overall pattern of crossing branches to the piece. It is painted as three separate panels which when hung looks like kimono, which expands on the meaning of the piece and starts you thinking. Then a closer look reveals that the tree is growing out of what looks like an anchovies can. This gives you a mixed sense of Japanese culture and caned foods, making you ask WHY? This isn’t the only piece in the show like that, and many of these artists are known for their unusual pairs of elements, as well as layers of meaning.

There is a sitting bench in the main room with a binder about the artists. This allows you to sit down, do a bit of reading, and absorb the artwork further. Your mind will really get a workout at this show and will be thinking about it for quite some time afterwards.