Portrait Shoot

Location, date, and clothing was all chosen ahead of time. Photo shoots are done in natural lighting with reflectors, lasting 2 hours or less. Some posing was done, candid shots was done for the most part.

Posed Portraits, not a shoot

Spur of the moment portraits, people are placed in position, but no major posing is done. Not planned ahead of time, no reflectors, completely natural light.

Candid Portraits

Completely candid portraits, no posing, no direction, no reflectors, no lighting, just caught as they happened.

Studio Portraits

Black backdrop, reflectors, and natural lighting. Other backdrops are available and the site itself can also be a backdrop. For outdoors or in well lit rooms natural light can be used. In darker rooms soft studio lighting is available.

Sepia Portraits

Portraits can be black & white, sepia, or tinted any other color you like.